5 FAQ’s About Invisalign Clear Aligners

Misaligned or crooked teeth aren’t only unattractive but they also threaten the overall health of your mouth. Although metal braces are an alternative option to straighten difficult teeth however they can look & feel real uncomfortable. Invisalign is one of the trusted and convenient alignment alternatives for young adults and adults who would want to straighten their mismatched teeth and smile a bit brighter.

Invisalign are clear aligners or invisible braces. A host of Dental Clinic in Dubai specializes in providing this treatment option. Apex Medical & Dental Clinic in Dubai is one of the trusted clinics that support you with Invisalign Treatment that can lead to a gradual transformation towards a beautiful smile.

If you are interested in taking up this treatment however you might have some doubts about it then these frequently asked questions might support you with little more clarity.

Why are crooked teeth a threat to Oral Hygiene?

Common mismatched teeth issues like spacing or crowding & poor biting might come in the way of removing plaque from some areas. If the accumulated plaque isn’t properly brushed and removed it can trigger tooth decay & gum inflammation. This can lead to gum diseases in the future.

How can Invisalign fix crooked teeth?

Invisalign is an innovative alignment technology that makes use of a couple of plastic aligners to move the teeth in the proper position. These aligners are FDA approved and they are very thin and clear. They fit perfectly on your teeth without causing any visible change to your appearance.

How soon can the treatment work?

The average treatment time is around 12 – 18 months. Some patients can start seeing results after some weeks only. However every procedure is different as per one’s specific needs & requirements. Your doctor can guide you well after understanding the structure of your mouth and the unique requirements.

Why is Invisalign considered one of the best treatments?

Invisalign is a comfortable, effective & convenient treatment that caters to your needs without causing any pain or embarrassment that is common to standard metal braces.

How can one start using Invisalign?

Schedule your appointment with Apex Medical and Dental Clinic Dubai and fastrack your dream towards a transformed and brighter smile. They will make sure that you are comfortable & will guide you through the entire schedule step by step.