Dr. Maisam Bakir

A post graduate from Arab Board of Medical Specialization in Pediatrics (CABMS). Dr. Maisam, a Canadian National started her career in Dubai since 2003 and worked at Latifa Hospital, one of the most reputed hospitals in Dubai. Her experience was not limited to general pediatric services but extended to include management of blood diseases in children, like Thalassemia, and all kinds of anemias, blood transfusion medicine, child development and growth, assessment and evaluation of child wellbeing, family and premarital counseling, breast feeding and lactation consultancy.

Dr. Maisam is a winner of the prestigious HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award as Outstanding Physician in UAE, 2013.

Moreover, Dr. Maisam participated in improving quality of medical services, worked as active member to achieve JCI accreditation while employed at Dubai Health Authority, improved quality control, established and reviewed clinical guidelines, infection control and clinical audit.

Dr. Maisam, has been a lecturer at Dubai Medical College for Girls, and instructor in training junior doctors, residents and nursing staff in her department. She is a celebrated speaker in many national and international conferences and has published several scientific papers in sound reputed medical journals like Blood, Hemoglobin, Annals Haematology, Annals of Saudi Medicine and Heamatologica.

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered
● Management of All Common General Pediatric Diseases (e.g. Acute Fever, Cough, Ear Infection, Bronchiolitis, Asthma, Snoring, Vomiting and Diarrhea, Constipation, Eczema and Food Allergy).
● Diagnosis and Management of Blood Diseases in Children e.g. Thalassemia and All Kinds of Anemias.
● Family Counselling (e.g. Premarital Counseling and Pre-Genetic Diagnosis).
● Breast Feeding and Lactation Consultancy.
● Baby Wellbeing.
● Nutrition of Infants and Children, Weight Problems Management (Under and Over Weight, Obesity).
● Child Development, Assessment and Monitoring Of Growth And Stature.
● Immunizations and Health Support Programs.
● Management and Follow Up Of Common Behavioral Problems (Bed Wetting, Toilet Training, School Issues).
● Adolescence Health (e.g. Assessment of Puberty, Late Puberty, Common Adolescents Health Issues).

Languages spoken : Arabic and English

Interests : A mother of 4 lovely children , Dr. Maisam is an avid reader and loves travelling .

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