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Botox® Treatment Dubai

Till a few years ago, Botox® injections (Botox® is actually a brand name of a neurotoxic protein Botulinum toxin) were only popular and affordable to a select few. Today, however, Botox® / Dysport (another popular brand) is the most common and popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Botox® / Dysport is used effectively to reverse visible signs of aging in a very straight forward procedure. These injections target the facial muscles which cause the formation of the wrinkles by blocking nerve impulses to that muscle.

The forehead lines (horizontal lines), the vertical lines in the Glabellar region, the droopy eyebrows and the crow’s feet area are popular areas for administering these injections.

Botox / Dysport is also extremely effective in the reduction of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

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Who Should Go For These Treatments

  • Women or men who want to eliminate lines, wrinkles, and furrows are ideal candidates.

This is a measure adopted by many women or men who do not want to go for facelifts, plastic surgery or any invasive procedures to improve their appearance.

  • Women and men who suffer from excessive sweating in the underarms, palms or feet.

It is a popular treatment for brides and grooms, as well as before prom or other events involving formalwear, for people who experience excessive sweating that can be a source of embarrassment or ruin expensive clothing.

  • Men and women who suffer from eyelid twitches,

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Our Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Afschin Ghofrani

Dr. Afschin Ghofrani

Plastic /Aesthetic Surgeon & Hand Surgeon

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Dr. Afschin Ghofrani German Board Plastic /Aesthetic Surgeon & Hand Surgeon

Dr . Ghofrani has been working in the field of plastic/ aesthetic surgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery as well as burns and trauma treatment since 1992 and is a trained and certified emergency doctor with many years of experience in intensive care medicine.

Having studied human medicine at the RWTH Aachen in Germany, he graduated with final marks amongst the top 2 % of students in 1992. His surgical career began at Europe’s largest university hospital in Aachen, at the clinic department of Plastic/ Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery & Burns Trauma Center, where he received an extensive training in all aspects of plastic/ reconstructive surgery and hand surgery, the treatment of severe burns patients as well as intensive care and emergency medicine and completed his clinical research with his doctoral thesis.

Professional Milestones.

In 1997, he started working at the St. Agatha Hospital in Cologne, with one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Germany, specifically focusing on plastic/ aesthetic surgery of face and body as well as body contouring – during which he got promoted to the post of an assistant medical director.

In 1998 Dr. Ghofrani received the certificate ‘Specialist of Plastic Surgery’ from the medical chamber in Nordrhein-Westfalen/ Germany, being the youngest German board certified Plastic Surgeon at the age of 32, and three years later he received the certificate ‘Specialist of Hand Surgery’.

In 2003, at the age of 36, he was offered to head a new department of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Evangelic Hospital in Giessen, near Frankfurt, which he established from scratch to an internationally renowned department, with patients from all over Germany and abroad.

In 2010 Dr. Ghofrani moved to Dubai to offer his services to the multicultural society on site as well as to international patients .

Dr. Ghofrani’s main focus is on plastic/ aesthetic surgeries and his spectrum encompasses the entire field of this specialization, including procedures such as:

Plastic/ aesthetic facial surgery: Face and neck lift, forehead and eyebrow lift, eye lid surgery, rhinoplasty, lip shaping, liposuction, ear correction, facial fat reduction and transfer, cheek and chin augmentation.

Plastic/ aesthetic breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction for both genders, breast diseases and reconstruction, nipple surgery, implant revision and removal.

Plastic/ aesthetic body surgery: Tummy tuck, fat transfer, liposuction, body lifting and shaping, buttock lift, arm and thigh lift, mommy makeover intimate procedures, sweating.

Plastic/ Reconstructive surgery: Lifting after weight loss, tumor surgery, scar correction, mole/ wart/ skin tag removal etc.

Amongst other achievements , Dr. Ghofrani is

📍A Member of the Association of German Plastic Surgeons (DGPRAEC)
📍A Member of the German Association of Hand Surgery (DGH)
📍A Member of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society
📍An Overseas Fellow Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK.
📍An initiator and head of various research projects and published diverse articles in national and international specialist journals and books.

Interests : An excellent conversationalist, Dr. Afschin is actively involved and passionate about the BNI network (the world’s largest networking organisation) and currently holds the position of an Area Director Consultant of BNI for New & South Dubai

Languages spoken : Fluent in English, German and Farsi ( Persian ) .

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Payment Options

Treatment plans are based on individual complexities of each case. Our Patient Relations team will assist you with customized payment plans.

We have also partnered with RAKBANK & EMIRATES NBD Credit cards for an Easy Payment Plan ( EPP) for every transaction above the value of AED 1000/- at a 0 % interest rate, payable over 6/9/12 months.