Reasons Why Braces Cause White Spots on the Teeth

Reasons Why Braces Cause White Spots on the Teeth


Written By: Poulami Saha | 20 February 2024

Brace yourself for braces that will leave white spots on your teeth one day. This is not a straight-away claim; it is a noticeable reality. You can spot chalky white patches on the surface of your teeth right after removing your braces when your dentist asks. They typically appear around where the brackets are. Unwanted discolouration seems as if the junk in iron results from putting braces for a year or beyond, depending on your needs. Be it metal or clear braces, restoring teeth alignment or correcting complex dental issues comes at a cost. Fear not; these are preventable!
Whether your teeth are still on braces or just recently got rid of dental braces after orthodontic treatment completion, hold no worries or grudges. This blog will address the root cause of your problem and how to fix your issues within a period.

What Causes White Spots on the Teeth?

The process of chalky white patches results from the loss of minerals in the tooth enamel, often known as decalcification. While chewing the food, residual particles accumulate beneath braces, especially when cleaning is not meticulous. As a result, these deposits attract bacteria, producing acid, which poses a significant threat to enamel. As the acid acts on the enamel, it weakens it, giving rise to demineralised regions that manifest as white spots on the teeth. If left unchecked, they can progress to cavities.

How to Avoid White Spots from Braces?

The glaring white stains on the teeth can also instantly ruin the look of your smile. Accordingly, preventing this before these light patches can develop and increase into a big problem is good.
  1. Brush your teeth TWICE A DAY: Indeed, this action looks obvious. However, brushing your teeth is one of the best ways to remove white spots from your teeth. Teeth brushing should be done at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Moreover, your concerns will be alleviated since some electric toothbrushes are specially designed to remove stains and food debris below the brackets of your braces.
  1. Flossing: Flossing, the second part of a complete mouth-cleaning norm, is also a critical component of oral health care. Even during brushing and flossing of teeth, your oral health automatically improves. This is the stage of your life when you will have a minimal risk of stains forming on your teeth, including after the braces are removed.
  1. Acidic and Sugary Food is a Big No-No: Increase intake of neutral foods such as vegetables and fruits, and reduce acidic and sugary mixtures.
    One should realise that decalcification is the unavoidable outcome for anyone wearing braces. The degree of decalcification can be minimised to a certain extent. This simply indicates that to prevent the appearance of those white spots on your teeth, our dentists suggest that you limit yourself from drinks that contain sugary nature and acidic foods, like sour candies, soda, citrus fruits and so forth. Citric Acid in these products can damage the teeth, making them decalcify.

How to Fix White Spots on Your Teeth?

These are the almost standard white lines that appear when one has braces. Listed below are some of the ways to fix this problem:
  1. Focus on improving your oral hygiene: At times, if the white spots are mild or almost invisible, then to counter this, it is advised that you carry out rigorous teeth cleaning. Therefore, through regular home care with concentrated fluoridated treatments such as fluoride toothpaste or mouthwashes, mild white spots are easy to hide, and the enamel on your teeth can be restored.
  1. Remineralisation: There are instances where your poorly mineralised enamel can be restored using specific remineralisation agents that your professional dentist will provide. Thus, it is essential to avail yourself of any of our orthodontists to help with the remineralisation process of the teeth and thus minimise the presence of noisy spots.
  1. Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth whitening or veneers could be a cosmetic dental treatment your doctor will advise based on how severe your brace stains are. Teeth whitening provides you with lighter or whiter teeth, while dental veneers cover the surface of your teeth, which helps prevent future stains and discolouration.
  1. Microabrasion: And the dentist can very easily cure these white spots with a buffing action, popularly known as microabrasion. It is an easy procedure involving polishing the white spot already present on your tooth. It would be advisable to apply this method since it will make your spots appear less visible.

Other Stains Caused by Braces

One myth to debunk is the fact that the colour of these stains is not primarily white. These stains are brown and yellow. Teeth act like sponges, easily soaking up colour pigments from food and drinks. This susceptibility to staining doubles with braces, as their brackets and wires create small spaces where stain particles can linger unseen.

Do White Spots Fade Away?

Approximately 70% of white spots fade or disappear entirely after braces due to improved oral hygiene after their removal. This occurs because once the obstacle of brackets and wires is gone, brushing and flossing can more effectively remove plaque and bacteria that contributed to demineralisation and caused the white spots.

When Should You Visit a Dentist?

However, some white spots require further attention. If they persist after a few months, explore professional treatments like microabrasion or whitening procedures designed to address these concerns. You should visit a dentist if you indicate a red flag like tooth infections or decay even after taking precautions. Spots and stains keep your smile from looking healthy. Hence, if you have a spotty and stained smile following brace treatment, you should seek professional help from a dentist. Consulting your dentist will help you understand your situation so you can take the best action. The earlier, the better.

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