At Apex Clinics, we believe in holistic treatment and over the years , we have built a team which works tirelessly and in close cohesion with their colleagues to listen to you , give you a comprehensive treatment plan and then execute it to perfection.

Our team of General Dentists have been handpicked to reflect the diversity of the population we cater to. On your visit, your General Dentist will listen to your primary complaint ( if you have one ) , clinically examine you , discuss your oral health , and suggest the best treatment option. In the event of the dentist needing a radiograph for the diagnosis, our centers are equipped with x ray facilities as well.

Why us?
What works well for us  ( and of course our patients ) and differentiates us from a lot of other practices is that we have adopted a Team approach to patient care and have a  team of Specialists across all branches of dentistry  to support our General Dentistry team. Procedures are internally referred to specialists for advice or  follow through – to ensure that not only do the patients get the attention they deserve but world class treatment under one roof.

Amongst the several procedures and treatments our General Dentists  are proficient with
• Dental Emergencies: We are only a call away if you are in pain , have a chipped tooth, a broken crown or a loose wire.
• Scale and Polish / Teeth Cleaning:  Recommended twice a year to maintain good oral health and a healthy smile.
• Teeth Whitening : Over the years, coffee, red wine, and tobacco leave stains and you will find your smile getting duller each year. Teeth whitening is a popular non-invasive option which gives fantastic results within an hour or two. Not at all a bad option. We offer you “In Clinic” and “Home “ options  for Teeth whitening after the general dentist has ensured you are a good candidate for the procedures.
• Fillings: Dentistry is an art for sure. It is amazing how the lost tooth structure is restored by the dentist with materials like composite and alloy and a lot of finesse.
• Simple extractions : A relatively simple procedure which requires little to no major recovery time.
• Crowns & Bridges : A dental crown is an artificial tooth created to replace damaged or missing teeth. A bridge consists of a central solid crown with hollow crowns on either side that are cemented to healthy (abutment) teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Allow our Dentist to give you all the options available and guide you to the best fit for you .

And many more …….

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