Gum Treatment at Apex Dental

We often tend to overlook the health of our gums whilst we focus on our teeth. Care for the gums forms a significant part of good oral health. Early detection and treatment could avoid bleeding gums and accumulation of bacteria, preventing from progressing to periodontitis or swelling of gums.

A fairly common infection is Gingivitis which is caused by the buildup of plaque. If left unattended, this could progress to Periodontitis and lead to erosion of the supporting structures of the teeth and loss of bone and eventually teeth.

Factors contributing to Gum disease

•  Poor Oral hygiene
•  Ill-fitting bridges
•  Smoking and chewing tobacco
•  Defective dental fillings

Warning signs of Gum disease

• Persistent bad breath
• Swollen and tender gums
• Bleeding of the gums or pus discharge
• Shifting teeth or loose teeth

How do we prevent Gum Disease?

• Regular brushing and flossing
• Healthy diet
• Limited intake of sugary food and drinks
• Regular dental examinations and early intervention

What procedures would a Periodontist perform?

• Deep cleaning
• Root Planing procedures
• Flap surgeries
• Gummy smile correction
• Crown lengthening procedures
• Root coverage including gum grafting procedures
• Gum depigmentation
• Laser assisted painless Gum Treatment

Why Laser Dentistry?

• Minimally invasive
• No bleeding
• Faster healing and quicker recovery time
• Fewer visits compared to conventional surgeries.

Our Specialist Periodontist

Dr. Akansha Sonawane

Dr. Akansha Sonawane

Specialist Periodontist

Having completed her Post graduation in Periodontics in 2014, Dr. Akansha started her practice in Mumbai ,the largest commercial city of India. The sheer volumes of patients she saw over her extended period of education and later in private practice gave us the confidence to onboard her into the Apex Team when she moved here after marriage in 2022.

As a Specialist Periodontist, who has also extensively practiced General dentistry, Dr. Akansha , brings to the team an expertise in diagnosis and treatment of oral and gum diseases by both non-surgical and surgical methods She also provides aesthetic gum treatments in cases of recession, around implants, pre and post orthodontics, and prosthetic purposes.

Besides routine General Dentistry she is proficient at the following dental procedures:
– Treatment of bleeding gums
– Periodontal Surgeries
– Deep cleaning / subgingival scaling
– Root planing
– Curettage
– Cosmetic dentistry
– Esthetic crown lengthening for excessive gum exposure
– Depigmentation
– Mucogingival surgery for root coverage, frenum relocation with or without laser

Interests: Avid Trekker and an outdoor enthusiast.

Languages known: English, Hindi, and Marathi

Available at:

Motor City

Silicon Oasis

Payment Options

Treatment plans are based on individual complexities of each case. Our Patient Relations team will assist you with customized payment plans.

We have also partnered with EMIRATES NBD Credit cards for an Easy Payment Plan ( EPP) for every transaction above the value of AED 1000/- at a 0 % interest rate, payable over 6/9/12 months.