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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get the answers to some questions that we are frequently asked

    Prices for various dental implants vary in Dubai. The requirements of every teeth and every individual are different. There are also a variety of implants available, each having different advantages and uses. The costs of these implants differ as well. The network of the Apex Group of Dental Speciality Clinics offers dentist in Dubai. We care about your comfort during your dental treatment. Use our cost calculator to request a quotation.

    Yes you can get a full mouth implant but you will not need 32 implants for the same. The type of treatment, needed dental implant type and bone density affect how many dental implants need to be inserted into the jaw. Based on these variables, the number of implants placed in a single jaw can range from 4 to 6 to 8 implants, a technique called an all-on-4, all-on-6, or all-on-8 dental implant treatment. If you want to get dental implants in Dubai, head to the Apex Group of Dental Speciality Clinics. 

    Dental implants maintain natural tooth tissue since they do not need the removal of nearby teeth as is required for traditional bridgework. Additionally, they will prevent bone from deteriorating and loss of bone, which causes the decrease of jawbone height. To get the dental implant in Dubai, book an appointment with the Apex Group of Dental Speciality Clinics  today and get your teeth analyzed to know if you need to get dental implants in Dubai.

    The reasons for opting for cosmetic dentistry in dental clinic in motorcity are-

    1. The price might be pleasantly low.
    2. Interventions can be almost painless!
    3. Your newly acquired smile will appear entirely natural.
    4. Cosmetic dental procedures can significantly enhance your oral health.
    5. It can significantly raise your standard of living.

    Orthodontists treat patients with crooked teeth and they also aid with other problems. These include treating joint problems, treating overbites and underbites, treating crossbite, treating gaps between teeth, and overcrowding of teeth. An orthodontist can correct any other jaw issues. The Apex Group of Dental Speciality Clinics is home to orthodontists. Schedule a visit now to get orthodontic treatments at the  dental clinic in Dubai.

    Yes, the surgical part of Dental Implants can be finished in a day. However, in ideal circumstances, Dental Implants need time to bind to the bone structure in your jaws, so we wouldn’t consider it complete. The final capping is completed once the bone has healed. So, the answer is yes if all the circumstances are favourable. Book an appointment with the Apex Group of Dental Speciality Clinics to get evaluated and know if you are eligible for same day implants. If you are looking for dentist in Mudon, Motorcity, DSO, JVC, victory heights or any nearby area, we are the dental implant dentist in dubai.

    Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental procedure that serves to enhance the appearance of your smile, teeth, and mouth. Cosmetic dentists are knowledgeable and experienced in providing you with a healthier, brighter smile. Cosmetic dental treatments often involve changes to your teeth’s color, alignment, size, form, and location. If you are searching for dental clinic in Motorcity, dso or jvc then the Apex Group of Dental Speciality Clinics is the right choice for you

    According to the dental implant clinic in Dubai, dental implants are handled similarly to real teeth. Just like a normal tooth, this one requires brushing and flossing. An implant is susceptible to gingivitis and periodontics, and it might be lost due to deteriorating bone support, just like a natural root system. The key difference in maintenance is that when cleaning implants at a dental clinic, a different scalar is needed. An implant-specific scalar is required since metal scaler  can scratch the implant. Many people believe they won’t need to take care of their teeth if they get full implants. Due to bone disease, this will cause the implants to fail.

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