Injectables & Fillers from APEX

We at Apex Medical Clinic provides the entire spectrum of anti-wrinkle treatments with botulinumtoxin, fillers, and lipofilling.

We use products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite that rejuvenate facial skin by reducing or eliminating wrinkles, raising scar depressions, enhancing lips and replacing soft-tissue volume loss through facial injections.

Below are some of the common skincare treatments we currently offer.

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    What are Injectables?

    Besides the broad variety of surgical lifting/ rejuvenation procedures, our Plastic surgeon Dr. Afschin Ghofrani provides the entire spectrum of anti-wrinkle treatments with Botulinum toxin, fillers, and lipofilling.

    Dynamic and static wrinkles of the face like crow’s feet, frown wrinkles, deep nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks, wrinkled or narrow lips, etc. as well as aged hands can be treated by applying diverse methods and products.

    At Apex medical and Dental Clinics, we only use high-quality products for maximum safety and long-term efficiency. For the treatment of dynamic wrinkles, so-called expression wrinkles, botulinum toxin is used, whereas static or deep wrinkles and grooves are treated with fillers.


    Non-dynamic wrinkles, i.e. wrinkles which can also be seen clearly when the face is relaxed, can be treated effectively with dermal fillers which contain hyaluronic acid.

    We only apply products of market leaders which are eminently suitable also for the treatment of deep grooves and distinct wrinkles and have a long-lasting effect.

    Furthermore, fillers can be used to add volume to lips, cheeks, chin and moreover the back of aging hands can be terrifically rejuvenated. The effect of the application of high-quality filler lasts one year or even longer.


    For a permanent effect we recommend the lipofilling method by applying body’s own tissue. With perfect bio-compatibility, almost all areas of the face (and body) can be treated.

    From a body area with excess fat, tissue is removed; fat cells are purified and transferred to the area, which needs volume. The lipofilling method is applied to provide volume to lips, cheeks, chin and malar areas and hands.

    If the mentioned wrinkle treatments are not desired or recommended, alternatives are rejuvenation and revitalization procedures with non-invasive, very effective treatments like Radio Frequency.

    Skin Surgery

    Skin Surgery

    Consultations for Invasive skin treatments and surgeries are currently available at Apex with our German Board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ghofrani and the surgeries will be performed at our partner clinic or hospital in Dubai.

    Dr. Ghofrani is known to take care, that each and every incision needed, is closed by the most advanced and unobtrusive (suture) technique. As a matter of course, the intracutaneous suture technique is routinely applied.

    Please see below a list of common invasive skin procedures, performed among others by our Specialist

    • Biopsy
    • Burns and burns scar removal
    • Burn scar removal
    • Electrocautery
    • Fat tumor (lipoma) removal
    • Flap surgery
    • Histology
    • Mole removal and histology
    • Scar treatments and scar removal
    • Skin grafting
    • Skin lesion treatment and excision
    • Skin tags and tumor removal
    • Warts removal
    • Wound treatments
    • Wound closure by gluing, intracutaneous suture technique

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