How much do Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai?

How much do Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai?


Written By: Poulami Saha | 09 April 2024

Root canal treatment (RCT) is a common way, or rather, therapy, to save a tooth from last-minute rushes. It stops the hurting and annoying feelings from ‘tooth sickness’ and keeps the tooth’s natural structure in your mouth the way it is. If you’re a resident in Dubai, the cost and procedure of getting your root canal treatment done vary from dental clinic to clinic in Dubai. This blog is all about debunking those myths and narrowing down the details you need to know about root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, addresses the root causes of your dental problems such as infected pulp tissue within the tooth. It’s a common procedure that can save a damaged or infected tooth. You might need a root canal if you experience persistent tooth pain, especially when chewing or biting. Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures can also indicate a deeper problem. Swollen or tender gums, a pimple-like bump near the tooth, or even a change in the tooth’s colour can all be signs of infection that might warrant a root canal.
PS: If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to visit a dentist to determine if a root canal is needed.

What does the Process Look like?

During the process, a dentist or an endodontist will remove the pulp (aka the innermost layer) from the tooth, and then they will clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth by placing a filling on your tooth to seal the space with a rubber-like material. This whole process kills the pain and crying of [the tooth] by having it resected and saving the natural tooth in the mouth for you. Here’s a brick-by-brick process for root canal treatment in general:

1. Diagnosis: Your dentist will take X-rays and check out the problem tooth to see how much damage or infection there is.

2. Anesthesia: After that, you’re going to get anaesthesia to avoid any discomfort and stay relaxed throughout the whole process.

3. Isolation: They’ll use a rubber dam as a tooth filler to keep the tooth dry and saliva-free while they work on it.

4. Access Opening: The dentist will then make a tiny hole in the thickest part of the tooth. This exit leads to the pulp chamber which the dentist will then reach.

5. Cleaning and Shaping: The already-damaged pulp is then taken out, followed by the inside of the tooth gets a good cleaning and shaping.

6. Filling: This opened cavity will later get conditioned with a friendly substance called gutta-percha and hence sealed.

7. Restoration: Finally, they’ll put a crown or filling on your tooth to make it work and look normal again.

Root Canal Treatment Aftercare 101

The road to success is not only through the procedure but also through the recuperation of yourself after the treatment. Taking care of yourself is important not only for the success of the treatment but also for ensuring good dental health in the long run.

1. Pain Management: It’s normal to feel a bit uncomfortable after a root canal, but you can use over-the-counter pain relievers or follow any medications your dentist might prescribe to handle it.

2. Oral Hygiene:Continue your regular oral care routine. Brush and floss just the way you used to do. This helps keep the treated tooth and the nearby area neat and clean.

3. Diet: Diet matters post RCT treatment, Stick to softer foods to give your tooth a break.

4. Follow-Up Appointments: To make sure that you are doing a good job, we needed to keep up with the follow-up appointments that the dentist scheduled.

Once you’ve had your root canal, taking care of yourself afterwards is key to the procedure’s success and keeping your mouth healthy.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Between the range of AED 1200 and AED 5000, the cost of root canal treatment in Dubai might vary depending on the complexity of the affected tooth and the type of restoration needed. In such cases, our suggestion would be to get a detailed diagnosis from endodontists with proper treatment facilities. At Apex Clinics, we understand the importance of affordable dental care.

Some Common FAQs

Q: How many dental checkups are required on average?
A: One or two visits would suffice for the completion of root canal treatment. Again it depends on how badly infected or damaged your pulp or any corner of your tooth is. Our experienced dentists will evaluate your case and recommend the best course of treatment for you.

Q: Do root canals hurt?
A: Thanks to advanced techniques and anaesthesia, root canals are way less painful than people think. They’re often done to ease the pain caused by infected or damaged teeth. Having the tooth numbed well ahead of RCT therapy time will prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Q: How do I know if I need a root canal?
A: If your tooth’s health is deteriorating slowly and gradually or has decay in the nerve chamber, then it is your cue to visit a dentist as soon as possible. X-rays and 3d scans are used as a part of the initial dental assessment to determine whether you need a root canal.

Our Final Words

Going for a root canal to save your natural tooth from pesky germs is always a better choice to get you to get your oral health back on track. Extracting a tooth should be a last resort. Root canal treatment is a true high point of dentistry. Becoming familiar with it, being able to diagnose it, finding the appropriate therapy and caring for it after are some of the basic requirements for the treatment luckily to be successful.
Looking for root canal treatment in Dubai? At Apex Dental Clinic in Dubai, we’ve got really good dentists who are experts at doing root canals. When it comes to opting for a cost-effective root canal treatment in Dubai, reflecting equal parts– quality and customization, we are just one quick appointment away.