Gaurapriya pai kane

Aches and pains can be frustrating and disruptive. Been suffering from this neck pain for more than a month now. Change of pillows , sleeping without them , home remedies , massages and exercises over these last few days have been futile and irritating as the pain reoccurs very second day . On my recent visit to Dubai for the MEE , Shilpa suggested that I see the Physio at their clinic in Motorcity. And so I met Anuja Singh a Sports physiotherapist at Apex Medical Clinics.
I believe a good doctor cures you 90 % in her approach and the rest 10 is therapy . She suggested a dry needle therapy ( me a horrible patient when it comes to seeing needles ) . I was surprised with myself how she assured me , so convincingly and so much of authority that it’s absolutely painless and me saying yes .
And today after a week with just one sitting with her I have no pain at all .