Fauzia Kayani

I just want to say thanks for an amazing experience. Very satisfied. The staff are very welcoming and friendly, the dentist was very knowledgeable and caring. Wonderful team of excellent doctors. Dr. Arvind and Dr. Alina were very helpful. Highly recommend this practice for quality treatment and caring staff.
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Riyad Zarir Batliwala

My daughter has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for the last one year. We are extremely happy with the staff and the doctors. Very personal care and a wonderful experience to deal with team Apex! We would highly recommend Apex to anyone!
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Andrea Marchon

For a child to come out happy and smiling from a visit to a dentist and who looks forward to his next sitting ,speaks volumes for the caliber of the doctors at Apex Medical and Dental Clinics. As a parent one is always very vary and apprehension gets the better of you but Team Apex took care of it all . We are ever so grateful to the doctors , staff and management for being exceptional at every step and we look forward to our next visit . Keep that flag flying high always!! A big Thank you from us all . πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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Madan Mohan

Smile it makes you look beautiful! A quote we all heard of and know very well!

My beautiful wife has the most amazing blue eyes and kind face but always conscious to smile as they say from ear to ear. During childhood accidentally damaging quite a few of her teeth. Finding a permanent solution seemed a far-away fantasy albeit including taking out a second mortgage!

I would like to thank Dr.Kittur for the absolutely splendid job in bringing a beautiful smile to the Mrs. It’s worth a far lot more than what he charged which by the way was more than reasonable considering the amount of effort involved! Thank you all at Apex

Carol Fitzgerald

I had the most fantastic experience at this dental clinic. I had unfortunately had some bad dental work done in Dubai and needed it fixed immediately. It was my front teeth so of course I was so self conscious and extremely nervous about trusting another dentist after such a bad experience but Dr. Arvind put me completely at ease and did the most fantastic job on my teeth. I am honestly so happy with them, they are perfect. I had paid quite alot for the bad dental work and was very nervous about the amount it would be to fix the mess but it was so reasonable. Dr. Arvind is brilliant and will be recommending him to everyone.. A lovely experience overall which is alot to say about a visit to the dentist πŸ™‚ Thank you Apex..