Dr. Anuja Singh

Anuja Singh , B .P.T, PG D.R.PT specializes in various Manual Therapy techniques and has a special interest in Sports Rehabilitation. She has completed her Post Graduate qualification from the prestigious All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in India, and brings over 12 years of clinical experience. Her special interests lie in Rehabilitation of sports injuries Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal cases Post-operative rehabilitation especially orthopaedic cases. Functional bandages and ortheses Work related skeletal disorders Taping Dry needling Thera Band exercises Manual therapy Neurodynamics Anuja has authored articles in fitness magazines, lectured at fitness academies, and conducted all kinds of workshops for ergonomics and work related skeletal disorders. She treats on the basis of body mechanics and their principles, exclusively with her hands using simple exercises, without help of any machines. Book Now
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