Dr. Kinjal Raval

Specialist Periodontist
Having completed her bachelor and Masters in India’s premier Dental education institution Dr.Raval started practicing in 2013 and moved to Dubai 2 years ago. As a Specialist Periodontist, Dr. Raval brings to the team an expertise in diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases by both non-surgical and surgical methods She also provides aesthetic gum treatments in cases of recession, around implants, pre and post orthodontics, and prosthetic purposes. Amongst others, Dr.Raval is proficient at the following dental procedures: – Treatment of bleeding gums -Laser-assisted painless procedures including teeth whitening. – Deep cleaning / subgingival scaling -Root planning -Curettage -Flap surgery -Esthetic crown lengthening for excessive gum exposure -Depigmentation -Mucogingival surgery for root coverage, frenum relocation with or without laser Dr. Kinjal believes in a simple practice of “patient first” by giving exemplary care and the best possible treatment to each patient. Languages known: English, Hindi, and Gujarati Interests: Loves travel, trekking, and outdoor activity. Book Now
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