Varun Dua

Exceeded Expectations… Recently went through an extraction with Dr. Shyam Bhat after he was recommended by Dr. Neha Singh… The whole procedure was completely painless and was over before i could realize it started. Must say, Dr. Shyam is one of the most capable oral surgeon i have come across. Extremely delighted with my experience with Apex clinic and dr.Shyam.
(Source – Google Reviews June 2021)

Pramila Noronha

I must say a big thank you to the well experienced staff at the Apex medical & dental clinics. The Orthodontist Dr. Yash is such a warm n enthusiastic doctor who knows what his patient needs. My daughter wanted invasalign ( exorbitant price) instead of normal metal braces but the doctor didn’t push us but mentioned to us that it’s only through dedication & responsibility that you could make it worthwhile. Yes, she nailed it and got the perfect set of teeth with a beautiful smile.
I thank Dr. Yash for his expertise, dedication, patience and his constant encouragement that gave my daughter a boost to follow whatever he told her. Today she is a happy girl . As a mother I was skeptical as invasalign was something new to me but when you trust your doctor everything falls perfect.
A big thank you to Dr.kittur. Such a heartwarming n caring person who offers his service immensely to his patient.
The team offers excellent dental care.
(Source – Google Reviews June 2021)

Vedica Singh

A few days back my 8 year old went for his Dental Check up to Dr. Hashmith. The entire experience was a lot of fun. She dealt with him with such professionalism but with warmth and engaging his little curious mind automatically put him at ease through the entire check up.

To add to that , the following week he was to present a self created tutorial video to share with his classmates and he choose to create one for “ how to effectively and correctly brush and maintain a regular dental hygiene “ inspired from his own personal learning with Dr. Hashmith.

She is such an amazing doctor and my son couldn’t stop talking about it . I would totally recommend a visit for your little ones. Thank you doctor for the valuable lesson you have enriched him with .
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Shenon Gracias

Having read reviews online of nearby clinics, i decided to try them out and the experience was extremely good. Dentists are not my favorite people, but I can say that i am no more worried and going to them again is something i would readily do. I visited Dr. Sarah and she was extremely professional, calm and put my mind at ease. The best part, no pain!
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Revathi S K

I had a wonderful experience with the clinic. Dr Hashmit is very gentle and has great patience for handling children. Root canal was advised for my kid and it is done with absolute care.. Her staff is also great! My 4 year old absolutely loves going to the dentist because they make his appointment so fun.. Recommended.
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Mohamed Bayo

One of my friend recommended me APEX clinic in JVC, I have been there for roots canal and crowns and I am very happy about the job made by my dentist Dr Sarah.

She explained step by step the procedure from beginning until the end, I recommend Dr Sarah and the clinic for the excellent job and professionalism they have doing it
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Ariane Joy Dogan

I’m happy and satisfied with the high level of service, professionalism and care provided by the Apex team. Thank you Dr.Maisam, Pediatrician, for taking good care of my baby Yeliz 😊 I highly recommend you and Apex Medical and dental clinic!
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Anand J

Excellent hospitality and highly professional docs, nurses. Admin staffs were too good. I was worried a bit to fix my half broken teeth during this pandemic but amazed to see the hygienic standards maintained in the clinic. They did a wonderful job in fixing my teeth, especially Dr Neha. Hats off to the team. I could smile as earlier
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Martin Brogan

An amazing experience at this dental clinic. I have had a crown refitted, filling completed and just recently had 3 composite veneers done. Every time I visited the reception staff, the dental team have been fantastic. By far the best dentist I have used not only in Dubai but the UK. Cost and professionalism 5 star.
(Source – Google Reviews April 2021)

Matt Boast

Extremely pleased with the high level of service and care provided by the team at Apex and especially Dr Shyam, for my dental implant treatment. From start to finish everything has gone smoothly, each visit was well planned and executed and the final result is better than I had expected. In addition the cost was more than competitive. Thoroughly recommended.
(Source – Google Reviews July 2019)

Suki Vandenberg

Saw Dr Shyam for my two implants. Honestly the most amazing doctor. He explained everything to me in detail and the whole experience from start to finish has been really good. The management even offer you payment plans for your payments. Dubai is so expensive on all fronts but having found a clinic like Apex has really restored my faith in services here. Thanks Apex. I will keep telling and referring people to you for sure!
(Source – Google Reviews March 2019)

Aparajita Bakshi Gopal

After not having any luck finding a particular vaccination for my kids at our regular Pediatrician, I contacted Apex Medical and Dental Clinics on the advice of a friend. Dr Ghosh and the rest of the nursing staff (Sam in particular) were beyond helpful and put my mind at ease about how the shots would be administered in the best possible way to enjoy our Eid holidays without cranky and feverish after effects for 2 days. I didn’t realize how many different medical services they offered till I visited and will definitely be going back for anything else we might need in the future.
(Source – Google Reviews June 2019)

Syed Nabeel Ahmad

I visited Dr. Shyam for wisdom tooth extraction, and the whole procedure took less than 30 minutes – I must admit it was seriously painless extraction. Dr. Shyam was himself very friendly and whole staff was also very cooperative. Took my wisdom tooth with me as a souvenir. A nice, clean and economical clinic – better than many bigger market names
(Source – Google Reviews June 2019)

Sanjeev Saxena

I went for dental cleaning and had an excellent experience. Dr. Sandhya was extremely qualified and provided me with very informative tips. I plan Apex to be my regular dentist going forward, highly recommended.
(Source – Google Reviews April 2019)

Ash Dabs

Totally satisfied. Very professional, caring plus friendly. I would recommend Apex to all…
(Source – Google Reviews June 2019)

Lara Elizabeth

Very impressed with Apex clinic. From the reception staff to Dr Amna everyone is professional and made me feel very comfortable during my appointments. Great clinic.
(Source – Google Reviews June 2019)

Armand Seegers

I’ve been in Dubai for 10 years and I must say this has been my best experience with regards to dental work. Apex medical staff take a real interest in their patients and deliver a service that suits the individuals needs. I’ve had various appointments with Doctor Neha Singh and she was excellent. She was professional and cared about my well being. She followed up to check on my condition after every visit. I would recommend them to everyone.
(Source – Google Reviews May 2019)

Maria Alfarhan

I have visited the clinic for work on two teeth and, so far, have been extremely satisfied. Your dentist is a very competent dentist who does a great job in putting the patient to ease. I will definitely be returning to the clinic and can’t recommend the service enough. She’s great!
(Source – Google Reviews May 2019)

Shannon Beckx

Best dentist I have ever been to, takes pride in his work and does an amazing job, numbs your gum with a gel before injection so you don’t feel a thing, his restoration work is incredible! Dentist and staff very friendly and prices reasonable, highly recommended!
(Source- Facebook page)

Sandra Deacon Day

Great clinic.. friendly staff and very good doctors

Mayank Dhingra

The best dental set up I have experienced

Reena Oates

Brilliant service as usual – Dr Arvind is fantastic.
(Source- Facebook page)

Jackie Baxter

My treatment by Dr Arvind was simply fantastic. Could not fault the practice at all. Service was excellent.
(Source- Facebook page)

Michael Radu

Excellent Service’s! I strongly recommend Apex Medical. They work will all insurance companies in Dubai and International.
(Source – Google Reviews February 2019)


I took my 3 kids to Apex Medical and Dental today. The denist is so amazing with the kids, we’ve been her patients for over 2 years and never been disappointed. She just know how to engage with the kids and make sure they feel comfortable, explaining each step to them. We ended up having ear piercing for one of my girls as well. Dr Melanie, thank you for making my daughter feel at ease. The personal touch and smiles from everyone from reception straight through the practice is something you don’t get all over.
Thanks again!
(Source – Google Reviews June 2019)

Nashila Farrah Jaffer

Good honest experienced family dental practice. Highly recommended!

Richa Madan

Thanks to Dr. Priyanka Jain for an amazing job with my teeth. Totally recommend her for any dental issue.

Avanti Keskar Ramachandran

Very good experience with the doctors and support staff-always ready to help with a smile, great medical advise and efficient follow ups. Highly recommend!

Qaid Zohar Fakhruddin

Fantastic service! Great doctors, gentle hands makes u go there! Gentle hands

Rula Suyyagh

I visited the centre complaining from gum pain , I was very pleased of the way I was welcomed into the clinic.
The dentist was excellent in diagnosis and treatment and very caring, she also made sure to schedule free follow up visit to make sure the issue is taken care of.

The Centre is very service oriented and staff are very professional. Highly recommended.

Marike Le roux

Dr Shyam is an excellent oral surgeon and I would highly recommend him, especially to anyone who is a little scared or apprehensive to have dental work done. He did fantastic work removing my wisdom tooth and also placing a dental implant for me. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and explains each procedure very well.
(Source – Google Reviews)

Taher Afridi

The entire team and process from FB messenger/call, booking, to the receptionist, the nurse, and the fabulous doctors are just fantastic. I have another follow up dental visit at the end of the month that I’m actually looking forward to! Keep up the excellent standards!

Zeinab S

Great place. Great doctors. Extremely friendly, genuine and professional. Special mentions to Dr Shyam who is amazing with wisdom teeth, Dr Alina for her calm demeanour and dental advice, and of course, Dories at the front desk for being a super-helpful and cheerful soul. Kudos to you all and please keep up the good work!

Kinjal Desai

One of the most efficient, friendly and professional private clinics I have visited in Dubai. Had an appointment with the sports physiotherapist, Dr. Anuja Singh this morning and got the most appropriate and timely treatment for a muscle pull that could have gotten so much worse if not for her sound advice and therapy. All the doctors at Apex seem highly experienced and caring. Strongly recommended for the whole family !

Nikki Stead

Dr. Arvind R. Kittur is an amazing dentist. Felt at ease at all times. Excellent service was offered. Would highly recommend this dentist. Totally different experience than the NHS offers in the U.K.

Kunal KP

My wife and I visited Apex quite a few times. Everything about the place is fantastic and friendly. They even have a little kids play area, which is quite convenient. Dr. Kittur, the dentist, is extremely helpful and courteous. Did many of our dental work with him. Highly recommend!
(Source – Google Reviews)

Swati Pant

Successive ankle sprains over 2 years left me with ligament sprains and an ankle that would be painful to long periods of standing or walking. Just a few sessions at this lovely clinic have worked magic. They are sweet enough to even communicate with my Pilates instructor who modified my routine to suit my body. I am not going anywhere else now.
(Source – Google Reviews)

Dhiren Bhatia

I was looking for a dentist for a while since I moved to Dubai and decided to visit Apex. Dr Arvind is great at what he does ! I went in for scaling and cleaning and received amazing service. The staff is friendly and professional and the facility is spotless.
(Source – Google Reviews)

Jacqueline Baxter

Absolutely fantastic service. Dr Kittur was simply fantastic. I felt so relaxed during my treatment and all the staff were very welcoming. Booking, processing of insurance etc was all flawless. Will be staying now with Dr Kittur as my regular dentist.
(Source – Google Reviews)

Ayshwarya Chari

Everyone, from my 70 year old father in law to my 4 year old son go to Apex when they are sick. It is the closest I have found to the ‘family doctor’ of old where people genuinely care about you & your family. From making everyone feel comfortable to listening to our needs and fears, together with spot on diagnosis & treatment every time, I cannot recommend the clinic enough.
(Source – Google Reviews)

Fauzia Kayani

I just want to say thanks for an amazing experience. Very satisfied. The staff are very welcoming and friendly, the dentist was very knowledgeable and caring. Wonderful team of excellent doctors. Dr. Arvind and Dr. Alina were very helpful. Highly recommend this practice for quality treatment and caring staff.
(Source – Google Reviews)

Riyad Zarir Batliwala

My daughter has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for the last one year. We are extremely happy with the staff and the doctors. Very personal care and a wonderful experience to deal with team Apex! We would highly recommend Apex to anyone!
(Source – Google Reviews)

Andrea Marchon

For a child to come out happy and smiling from a visit to a dentist and who looks forward to his next sitting ,speaks volumes for the caliber of the doctors at Apex Medical and Dental Clinics. As a parent one is always very vary and apprehension gets the better of you but Team Apex took care of it all . We are ever so grateful to the doctors , staff and management for being exceptional at every step and we look forward to our next visit . Keep that flag flying high always!! A big Thank you from us all . 🙏🙏🙏
(Source- Facebook page)

Madan Mohan

Smile it makes you look beautiful! A quote we all heard of and know very well!

My beautiful wife has the most amazing blue eyes and kind face but always conscious to smile as they say from ear to ear. During childhood accidentally damaging quite a few of her teeth. Finding a permanent solution seemed a far-away fantasy albeit including taking out a second mortgage!

I would like to thank Dr.Kittur for the absolutely splendid job in bringing a beautiful smile to the Mrs. It’s worth a far lot more than what he charged which by the way was more than reasonable considering the amount of effort involved! Thank you all at Apex

Carol Fitzgerald

I had the most fantastic experience at this dental clinic. I had unfortunately had some bad dental work done in Dubai and needed it fixed immediately. It was my front teeth so of course I was so self conscious and extremely nervous about trusting another dentist after such a bad experience but Dr. Arvind put me completely at ease and did the most fantastic job on my teeth. I am honestly so happy with them, they are perfect. I had paid quite alot for the bad dental work and was very nervous about the amount it would be to fix the mess but it was so reasonable. Dr. Arvind is brilliant and will be recommending him to everyone.. A lovely experience overall which is alot to say about a visit to the dentist 🙂 Thank you Apex..

Gaurapriya pai kane

Aches and pains can be frustrating and disruptive. Been suffering from this neck pain for more than a month now. Change of pillows , sleeping without them , home remedies , massages and exercises over these last few days have been futile and irritating as the pain reoccurs very second day . On my recent visit to Dubai for the MEE , Shilpa suggested that I see the Physio at their clinic in Motorcity. And so I met Anuja Singh a Sports physiotherapist at Apex Medical Clinics.
I believe a good doctor cures you 90 % in her approach and the rest 10 is therapy . She suggested a dry needle therapy ( me a horrible patient when it comes to seeing needles ) . I was surprised with myself how she assured me , so convincingly and so much of authority that it’s absolutely painless and me saying yes .
And today after a week with just one sitting with her I have no pain at all .

Courtney R

We recently relocated to Dubai from Overseas. As a family with young children, it was important to find a trustworthy medical clinic. Due to the first medical clinic we found being quite expensive with consultation fees, friends had recommended APEX Medical and Dental Clinics in Motor City and we are so glad they did.
Request a booking online and be able to have an appointment within the day. The staff are wonderful and always give a warm welcome upon arrival. We have made Dr Umber Shafique our family doctor. She is incredibly kind, caring and her consultations are always extremely thorough. Dr Shafique has a warm personality and makes you feel at ease from the moment she greets you.
I can honestly say this is one of the best Medical Clinics we have found. If you want honest and reliable services, look no further than APEX Medical and Dental Clinics.
(Source – Google Reviews June 2019)

Bianca Gracias

I visited Apex Medical Clinics recently for a self check-up and was thoroughly impressed. I was so impressed, that I simply had to leave a review. Dr. Umber was absolutely spectacular and assessed me thoroughly before writing me a prescription. She refused to prescribe me things that were unnecessary and went into details to explain to me, my symptoms and causes. When asked, the staff emailed me my lab reports within 5 minutes of my call, which speaks volumes for their efficiency. The nurses were friendly and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Apex Medical Clinics for the really high ethical standards of their doctors (which is quite important for me), the excellent level of customer service, the ease of registration process and what’s a bonus is that they have direct billing with all major insurance companies. Apex Medical Clinics is a one stop solution for all medical needs and after this visit, they have my highest recommendation.
(Source – Google Reviews)

Kim Webster

Apex Dental practice is a wonderful facility. The welcoming, relaxed and friendly reception staff are merely the beginning of the journey into a pleasurable, professional and remarkable dental experience.

I recently had my stained, uneven teeth transformed into the most beautiful smile I’ve ever worn. Dr. Arvind is an incredible craftsman with admirable skills in the application and workmanship of Veneers. He leaves no stone unturned in respect of the process from start to finish and his honesty and transparency in costing is clear and concise. In practice, he articulates each step perfectly. He is a friendly, gentle and pleasant man with an outstanding passion for his profession.

I’m so pleased to have made the acquaintance of everyone involved in my treatment, including the dental nurses. Everyone is amazing. You can’t help but leave the clinic with a smile on your face, even better if it’s with a new one.

Massive thanks to all at Apex Dental. I’m extremely grateful.
(Source – Google Reviews April 2019)

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