Varun Dua

Exceeded Expectations… Recently went through an extraction with Dr. Shyam Bhat after he was recommended by Dr. Neha Singh… The whole procedure was completely painless and was over before i could realize it started. Must say, Dr. Shyam is one of the most capable oral surgeon i have come across. Extremely delighted with my experience with Apex clinic and dr.Shyam.
(Source – Google Reviews June 2021)

Pramila Noronha

I must say a big thank you to the well experienced staff at the Apex medical & dental clinics. The Orthodontist Dr. Yash is such a warm n enthusiastic doctor who knows what his patient needs. My daughter wanted invasalign ( exorbitant price) instead of normal metal braces but the doctor didn’t push us but mentioned to us that it’s only through dedication & responsibility that you could make it worthwhile. Yes, she nailed it and got the perfect set of teeth with a beautiful smile.
I thank Dr. Yash for his expertise, dedication, patience and his constant encouragement that gave my daughter a boost to follow whatever he told her. Today she is a happy girl . As a mother I was skeptical as invasalign was something new to me but when you trust your doctor everything falls perfect.
A big thank you to Dr.kittur. Such a heartwarming n caring person who offers his service immensely to his patient.
The team offers excellent dental care.
(Source – Google Reviews June 2021)

Vedica Singh

A few days back my 8 year old went for his Dental Check up to Dr. Hashmith. The entire experience was a lot of fun. She dealt with him with such professionalism but with warmth and engaging his little curious mind automatically put him at ease through the entire check up.

To add to that , the following week he was to present a self created tutorial video to share with his classmates and he choose to create one for “ how to effectively and correctly brush and maintain a regular dental hygiene “ inspired from his own personal learning with Dr. Hashmith.

She is such an amazing doctor and my son couldn’t stop talking about it . I would totally recommend a visit for your little ones. Thank you doctor for the valuable lesson you have enriched him with .
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Shenon Gracias

Dentists are not my favorite people, but I can say that i am no more worried and going to them again is something i would readily do. I visited Dr. Sarah and she was extremely professional, calm and put my mind at ease.
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)

Revathi S K

I had a wonderful experience with the clinic. Dr Hashmit is very gentle and has great patience for handling children. Root canal was advised for my kid and it is done with absolute care.. Her staff is also great! My 4 year old absolutely loves going to the dentist because they make his appointment so fun.. Recommended.
(Source – Google Reviews March 2021)