Why should you go for a second opinion programme?

Before selecting a course of treatment, be certain that you are well-informed. It’s crucial to seek second opinions while choosing treatments because they could result in time, effort, or financial savings. It is essential to look for  an alternate, honest and open discussion when going for a second opinion.


Reasons to seek a second opinion

With the help of a second opinion, patients can make well-informed treatment decisions. You may decide to return to the first doctor and continue your therapy there if the second healthcare professional says the same thing as the first. You could also ask your doctors to work together as a team.


What is our second opinion programme? 

Our top medical experts are easily accessible through the Apex Group of Dental Speciality Clinics’ Second Opinion programme. If you have received a diagnosis or treatment advice and would want a second opinion, our service can help you make a more choice. We make getting a second opinion from us quick and easy.


How to get a second opinion?

Complete the form on our website and upload all the required information to get a second opinion from the Apex Group of Dental Speciality clinics. We will review your diagnosis and proposed course of treatment  before providing you with our recommendation.


Terms and conditions-

  1. Our Second Opinion Program is open to anyone who wants a second opinion on a treatment plan that has been created for them.
  2. You will receive a free consultation for a second opinion.
  3. You must provide your most recent X-ray(s) and/or current treatment plan in order to receive your discount voucher. We can of course take your X-rays at the centre if you are unable to bring them in. This will incur a fee.
  4. Within 24 to 48 hours, you will receive a phone call confirming your appointment.
  5. You’ll receive an email with your savings voucher. It is effective for 30 days after it is issued.
  6. Kindly bring a copy of your savings ticket with you on the day of your consultation.
  7. Your savings voucher cannot be transferred, refunded, or redeemed for cash.


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